- RenĂ© Dubos

Our woodland management service incorporates the principles of a sound 20 year management plan, appropriate allocation of resources and identifying sustainable markets. We work with land owners to ensure their woodlands are managed sensitively, tailoring our service to meet their needs

Woodland Management

Our Woodland Managers work with our clients to provide comprehensive management of their properties. We provide a full end to end service,  ensuring that owners get the best possible returns from their woodlands. 

Grants & Applications

Our Woodland Managers have a comprehensive knowledge of grants and funding available to assist in the management of your woodlands. Whether it be for new planting projects or to assist with management of a diseased site, we explore all the options available to you. This service also includes Felling Licence Applications and TPO checks.

Establishment & Maintenance

Tree planting, weeding, spraying, clearing and fencing are all essential for establishing and maintaining new and existing woodlands. We have skilled operators who can offer a comprehensive maintenance service from ground preparation through to first thinnings. 

Wildlife Management

We have a wealth of experience working on sensitive sites such as SSSI's. We provide owners with comprehensive ecological surveys, identifying flora and fauna, European protected species and biodiversity values of a woodland. This allows us to implement appropriate controls and management. 

Woodland Infrastructure 

Sound forest infrastructure is crucial for the maintenance and productivity of a woodland. Whether planning or reinstating existing infrastructure, we can provide expert advice and the most appropriate plan for your woodlands. This includes sourcing funding, drawing up plans and undertaking works. 

Harvesting & Marketing

We have a wealth of working knowledge in both coniferous and deciduous woodlands, and can provide markets for all saleable products we harvest. 

Our Harvesting service can provide markets for most grade and quality of timber. From first thinning fuel and chip wood to final crop sawlogs.