Our Surveying & Inventory service incorporates the latest woodland surveying technology, software and specialist knowledge to gather accurate data about woodlands. providing owners and managers with reliable information about their timber stocks and woodlands.

We understand there are multiple reasons for measuring timber stocks. Whether its for woodland planning, timber forecasting or to calculate output volumes, we offer an economical solution tailored to your requirements.

Production Forecasting

Following conventional mensuration methods we can provide you with detailed information about your current and projected standing timber. Forest Surveys have no dependant relationships with buyers and timber markets, so you can be confident you will receive impartial advice every step of the way.

Woodland Inventories

Providing a detailed woodland inventory is a fundamental cornerstone for woodland planning. By gathering data about the size, species, density and variability of a woodland we are able to advise owners about the health and productivity of a woodland. Whether managed for commercial or recreational purposes, this survey enables managers to understand the potential of their resource. 

Timber Quality Assessments

When surveying high quality stands it is important to fully understand the standing value. Our intensive timber assessment provides a solution which is fully auditable and accurately measures and grades each product. This in turns ensures the best economic return at sale.

GIS Mapping and Arial Surveys

Using the latest technology and real time aerial photography, we are able to gather data on multiple aspects of a site.  Whether assessing tree health, mapping wind throw or ground conditions, we can interpret, analyse and collate this information and turn it into a useable resource, giving you the ability to make informed decisions based on sound data.