Spruce Sawlogs

At Barle Valley Forestry we aim to optimise the range of products we harvest from our woodlands. All the products which we supply have been sourced from local woodlands which are managed by ourselves. We also sell our timber to local mills, wholesale and the public promoting the local economy.

We are now BSL Authorised to supply Fuel Wood for RHI registered customers. For more information about the scheme click here. 

Timber Sales:

Fuel Wood (multiple species)

Sweet Chestnut Fencing; Strainers, Post, Stakes

Sitka Spruce sawlogs

Sitka Spruce chip

Douglas fir sawlogs

Jap Larch sawlogs

Hardwood sawlogs

Hard & Softwood firewood lorry loads


 For a full range of products we supply, please visit our sister website by following the link below;


Barle Valley Forestry. Unit 3, Barle Enterprise Park, Dulverton, Somerset 

Tel: 01398 323213 / 01884 799379