Our GIS Mapping service incorporates UAV and terrestrial surveying technology to gather real-time aerial imagery and forest metrics. Utilising specialistist technical knowledge to interpret this data into a usable GIS resource for woodland owners and managers

Field survey data and real-time high definition aerial imagery is collected to provide robust datasets ready for further interrogation identifying key outcomes for our client.

The imagery is then processed to create geolocated landscape scale aerial maps. This combined with further interpretation and terrestrial field data creates fully interactive layers to be used with your preferred GIS platform or as a standalone resource. This allows for multiple assessments to be carried out simultaneously, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Stand Composition & Stratification
Stocking Density & Species Mix
Canopy Height and Yield Assessment
Carbon & Biomass Assessment
Canopy Closure
Boundary Mapping
Net Area Assessment
Timber Valuation
Tree Health & NDVI Monitoring
Storm Damage 3D Modelling